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I joined the Art Journal Caravan at ScrapbookGraphics and have really been having fun combining my digi work with my traditional papers and elements. Tangie, our fearless AJC Leader just had to go and post some info about Copic Markers ;-) Of course what crafter worth her salt wouldn’t need to check them out? Soooo many hours later I’ve found some interesting Digital Stamps and about to sit down and color my little heart out! I’ve enjoyed doodling with the copics, now I’m ready to learn blending and coloring. I’ll be posting photos later :-)

On the other side of life, all of the Critters are doing great. I hatched out a duckling in September, named her Scrappy after my best friend. Scrappy is a wee bit handicapped, one of her feet turns inward slightly so she walks as if she’s limping…don’t feel sorry for her, Scrappy keeps up with the grown up ducks, she has me wrapped around her little wing and she’s just adorable :-) Here is one of her first photo shoot layouts:

There is nothing like the love of Grandbabies :-) We were blessed with a visit from our Grandson, his Wife and our four adorable great grandbabies this week! Five yr old Logan kept me hoppin’ and I loved every minute of it. He was totally wrapped up in my chickens, checking on them every chance he got and helping me feed and collect eggs. He asked if he could keep the first egg he found and I said yes, bless his heart he thought that he could open it right there and have his own baby chick. I sat and explained about Hen’s hatching babies, and about humans using an incubator to hatch them. When they all left today I gave them 1.5 dozen eggs to take home and Logan announced that he was going to get Mommy to buy him an incubator so he could hatch his own chicks LOL Last night Logan wanted to sleep with me so we had a “camp out” on the livingroom sofa bed and I also took 2 month old Audrey to bed with me so Mommy and Daddy could have a full night of rest…yeah ok I admit, it was more so that I could have the pleasure of giving the baby her night feeding, I soooooo miss the days of babies and night feedings! Nicole all of 19 months of age had a blast running outside in the rain and catching raindrops in her cup, she was also fascinated with our dogs that had no interest in the fast moving toddler LOL It’s always so hard to say goodbye to the kids but we’re working on getting them here for a longer visit in the summer. I think Grandpaw and I need to buy a kiddie pool for the back yard :-)

Digital Painting Bliss

A little over a  year ago I started the journey into Digital Painting and I’m loving every minute of it!  I’ve done many paintings for Family and Friends as well as a few commissioned pieces. Being an Acrylic Decorative Painter/Teacher and a Digital Scrapper who enjoys dabbling in Digital Design, it just seems natural that my love for the two mediums would one day combine. I am working on adding a page to the blog that consists of my Digital Paintings, here is one of my latest:

brandon4paintedscreenshotThanks for looking!

I hope you’ll join us for this weeks scraplift challenge :-)

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I Can Scraplift That!

I Can Scraplift That!

Scraplift Flergs!!

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